MMAX® Extended Season Area Markings

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PPG drives the traffic safety and pavement marking industry into the future with a steady flow of innovative ENNIS-FLINT® by PPG products and applications that enhance safety, improve performance, and open new avenues for growth.

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MMAX Extended Season

Never let hot weather slow you down again.

Designed especially for warm-weather regions, the all-new, next-generation MMAX Extended Season area markings offer the widest temperature application range in the market. For the first time ever, it is possible to apply MMA markings on pavement surfaces as hot as 150° F (66° C) and with triple the working time of most competitors on surfaces at 110° F (43° C) or more.

MMAX Extended Season area markings also make use of corundum — the hardest, most wear-resistant anti-skid aggregate on the market — making MMAX Extended Season area markings eligible for top-tier skid-resistance specifications.

Case Studies and Articles

California’s Capital Invests in Bike Infrastructure

Sacramento doubles down on its commitment to road safety with investments in next-generation MMA coating.

City of Angels Gets Unique Bike Lane Shade

“Hollywood Green” interferes less with filming efforts while also elevating the city’s road safety efforts.

Getting on the Bus: The Revitalization of Public Transportation

As public transportation usage increases, so too must investments in highly visible road safety markings.

Solving the Bike Lane Challenge

Investments in bicycle lane infrastructure can not only save bicyclist lives, but also benefit pedestrian and motorist safety.

MMAX® Area Markings: Helping Enhance Street Safety through Visibility and Skid Resistance

person riding a bike in a bike lane with bright green paint

Road safety is an ongoing focus of municipalities small and large. Over time, road markings can fade or break down, creating a potentially unsafe environment for motorists and bicyclists alike. But a growing number of cities are specifying next generation MMAX® Extended Season area markings to support their road safety efforts.

Gone are the days of lengthy traffic disruptions for road marking efforts. MMAX® Extended Season area markings can be applied in temperatures as hot as 150°F (66°C) and tout an easier application process and longer-lasting performance than other MMAs. This was the case for several California municipalities who sought to expand their street safety.